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Thank you for visiting our website. If you want goat farming business, Then we belive, You have come right place to know about Boer goat and the situation of boer goat in Nepal. You can also find what is Boer goat, how can we get success in Boer goat farming.
Jagatpur Boer goat
Jagatpur Boer goat Farm

Boer History

The Boer goat originated in South Africa. The Boer goat was brought to Nepal in about 2072 BS, and since then has become one of the most popular goats for meat production.

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Boer Goat

Boer Goats

Boer goats have white bodies and distinctive brown heads. They also have long pendulous ears and are known for having high fertility rates! While the primary purpose of Boer goats is meat production.

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Boer Bakhra

Jagatpur goat farm

Jagatpur goat farm started boer farming from 2072 BS and it has been a great experience and happy to provide boer breeds in different palces of Nepal. We provide crossed boer goats also. The crossed boer goats are of 65% to 100%.

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They were selected for meat rather than milk production; due to selective breeding and improvement, the Boer goat has a fast growth rate and excellent carcass qualities, making it one of the most popular breeds of meat goat in the world. Boer goats have a high resistance to disease and adapt well to hot, dry semideserts.
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Jagatpur Bakhra Farm

Body Structure

Boer goats commonly have white bodies and distinctive brown heads. Some Boer goats can be completely brown or white or paint, which means large spots of a different color are on their bodies.

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A doe used to breed show-quality goats are normally very large. For commercial meat production, medium-sized does are normally preferred, as they produce the same number of kids, but require less feed to do so.

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Show goats

They are bred to be larger than normal goats, and meet specific visual appearances, but these very characteristics are valuable genes to add to the commercial herd.

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Boer Goats offer many advantages

they’re an excellent source of meat and milk, resist disease, make good mothers, and adapt to difficult conditions. However, the kids demand care and management for the first few weeks after birth. If you fail to look after them properly during this important stage, you could easily lose up to half of them.

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